Where did the Egyptians get gold and silver?

They received their gold and silver from deep underground limestone
mines that formed under the desert sand, which was dug up in
massive quantities (sometimes 57 tons at a time!) to allow access
to the caves. They usually spiraled down 21, 196 km (13, 170
miles), and about 2,000 workers and slaves were sent down at a time
to recover the precious metals. These caverns were so extensive,
however, that only one out of the 400 known caves was mined
completely by the ancient Egyptians. Typically, the workers sent
down would use spikes to mark their descent as to not get lost, but
many simply failed to come back up once the ending gong, a large
gong signaling the end of a shift, was rung. Also, many of the
ropes that the workers used were worn out and flimsy. As they would
wall-hop down, the rope would snap and they would plummet thousands
of feet to their death. None of the bodies were ever recovered.
Also, the threat of a cave in was always imminent. Many times the
workers would over-mine a certain area and get buried under tons of
rubble. It is estimated that a shocking 292 million workers were
lost in the caves.

How do you Clean Silver Jewelry with Gemstone at Home?

To remove the fog made from your sterling silver jewelry, make a
thick paste with 1/4 cup baking soda and 2 tablespoons water. Apply
with a moist sponge and gently rub it, clean and dry. For polish
gold jewelry, cover with a light coating of baking soda, pour a bit
of vinegar over it and rinse clean.

What are the factors that affect precious jewellery buying behaviour in India Why is the online jewellery market not as well developed despite the huge demand?

As the India moving forwarded to digitization and online marketing
is in trends, But if it comes to buy a jewellery online it still
follow the traditional way because in India many people don’t trust
on buying jewellery online as they think that they have cheated
through this, They doesn’t have faith in that, this is the major
reason behind this.

How can I find the lost birthstone earrings that were a gift from my mom?

If you were outside, look for them with a flashlight in the dark,
watching for the reflection from the gemstones. During the day, you
might catch a sparkle if there is bright direct sunlight. If you
are not sure where you might have lost them, have your family and
friends assemble a timeline of all of your activities for the night
— sometimes this can trigger a subconscious recollection of when
and where they became lost.

What kind of wedding ring should I buy for my girlfriend?

Unless your and your girl friend’s customs are different from the
customs I know, the couple generally chooses the wedding bands
together – it is a joint decision.

Personally I like the type that is an intertwined engagement ring
and wedding ring set. She can wear either separately, or link them
and wear them together as if they were one.

But there are many different types of these also.

What does PAJ 925 mean on my gold earring?

PAJ may indicate a designer’s name or style name. Without another
attribution, the number 925 could be an extension of the style
name. The number 925 on silver jewelery may indicate the silver
purity, but on gold jewelery, it’s meaning is unknown.

What is sterling silver jewelry?

Jewelry made with 92.5 sterling silver called sterling silver
jewelry. Sterling silver is an alloy of pure silver containing 92.5
by weight of silver and 7.5 by weight of other metals, usually
copper. This 7.5% of different metal actually improves the
durability of the finished product.